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Piano Cookies

When our blogger Tegan isn’t listening to the Yoko Miwa Trio or writing the blog, she’s a graduate student, and this close to the end of the semester, it’s important to blow off some steam. Here’s her recipe for Two-Bowl Piano Cookies. If you want to make them but aren’t taking a study break, make…
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Boston’s Jazz Anchor

In a year in review article at the end of 1989, the Boston Globe’s Fernando Gonzalez said that the then brand-new Scullers Jazz Club “looks like it’s here to stay.” Also in 1989, the Globe’s Steve Morse wrote, “Need a retreat to hear some of the best jazz in town? You can’t go wrong with…
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Jazz With Friends

In the past two weeks, this blog has covered introducing your young kids and your teens to jazz. What if the people you want to enjoy jazz with — who don’t yet know that they love jazz — are your adult children, your partner, or your friends? Take a short class or workshop together. If…
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