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Great News About the Scullers Show

Singer Rebecca Parris is known by some as “The First Lady of Jazz.” That title was first given to pianist Mary Lou Williams, but more famously, Ella Fitzgerald. Parris is more often called “Boston’s First Lady of Jazz, but Marblehead also claims her as their own first lady of jazz. They may have the right…
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Happy Halloween from the Yoko Miwa Trio!

Happy Halloween from the Yoko Miwa Trio If ghosts were real, we imagine that anyone who has performed at a top-quality jazz club would choose to return after death. Here’s a partial list of people who would have haunted Scullers Jazz Club for a few years or more: Singer and songwriter Lou Rawls Singer and…
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The Scoop on Scullers

Don’t let the exterior fool you – while Scullers is housed in a Doubletree Hotel and tucked away from the neighborhoods known for their nightlife, this venue knows how to provide a timeless jazz club feel. The acoustics are good, and they turn the lights down low and cluster the chairs for an intimate environment;…
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