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Women in Jazz Part 2

As you read in yesterday’s post, Yoko Miwa is part of a select few women in instrumental jazz. Last year, Yoko and her trio debuted at the Regattabar in celebration of Women’s History Month. This performance was dedicated to jazz great, Sheila Jordan. Sheila was unable to make it to the performance, but Yoko was…
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Women in Instrumental Jazz and Women’s History Month

“Hal Galper said something that was interesting . . . somebody said, ‘So, Hal, you know jazz has pretty gone as far as it can go, right? I mean what’s left to change?’ . . . he goes, ‘I guess the only thing left to change is women. More women.’. . . I kind of…
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THE REGATTABAR! Be there for the first time!

Yoko debuts at the Regattabar on March 9, 2011 at 7:30 pm with a concert inspired by jazz great Sheila Jordan in honor of Women’s History Month. We’ve gotten the word: at least 100 tickets to be sold for Yoko to be considered for a return engagement. If you’re planning on coming, PLEASE buy your…
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