Regattabar afterwords

Regattabar afterwords

Thanks to the Regattabar, the spirit of Sheila Jordan, and everyone who came out to Yoko’s debut there. And to Jessica Clements of JClements Photography for literally working every angle to get the shot.

Yoko Miwa Trio at Regattabar 2011

All About Jazz writer Gordon Marshall said of the performance: “Yoko Miwa is a graceful and soulful pianist, with a Zen-like weightless precision she can just as soon turn to down-home, swinging blues. Disciplined and deep-feeling, she incorporates an intimate knowledge of the American jazz idiom into the confines of a studied approach which, for all that, is a sincerely artistic one.”

The show opened with brief video greetings from Ms. Jordan. Her recorded acapella chant then led into the trio’s first song. Janet of the Mass. Beat blog reported:

“The first song opened up with a hauntingly beautiful voice piped in through the speakers, soon joined by Miwa on the piano in perfect harmony. Soon, the band is in full swing right out of the gate, on the first song. Pretty impressive.

This petite, pretty Japanese woman looked so delicate as she entered the room and speaks so softly when she shares her stories, smiling demurely. But when she sits down at the piano, you realize she is no pushover. Her strength and agility pour through every song. She has full command of the instrument and her passion for playing is not hidden.”

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