Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

Photo by Kirsten Alana.

This bonsai tree was 800 years old when it died. Yet, even through death and the many years since, it still shares its beauty with the world. It has changed from a vibrant green to a stark, abstract shell. But it is still a bonsai tree; a tree that in both life and death brings a unique exquisiteness to the world. Despite the changes it has gone through, it is now a piece in a museum as a new incarnation of its former self.

With the first anniversary of the tsunami in Japan approaching, this photograph and Wheel of Life both capture the feelings about such a gigantic emotional episode in Japan’s history. Wheel of Life charts the ups and downs of existence with a deceptively simple circular form. “It’s about the life process,” Miwa explains, “from birth, struggle and the beautiful moments, then the bad and ultimately back to the beginning.” We all go through the ups and downs of the wheel of life, and Japan is experiencing it on a larger stage over the past year.

Through the epic changes wrought by the waters, Japan has come out a still beautiful nation. It has changed, but it will continue to persevere. The Japanese people are in our thoughts as they continue to rebuild their lives into new ones with new dreams.

Photo by Kirsten Alana.

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  1. Tom Doherty says:

    Thanks for this lovely thought on life in general and also on Japan’s struggles Yoko! Much appreciated. Your “Wheel of Life” composition is fabulous and has a great deal of meaning for people well beyond most new songs of the day. On this new blog of yours the image of and existence of that 800 year old bonsai tree and it’s demise and migration to a museum setting is a beautiful thing to think about.

    Keep posting to your new blog! As time goes on and the word gets out about it your fans will love to read it and learn about what you were thinking about when you composed various pieces or other thoughts you might like to share as well. You are courageous to set it up and accept some replies as well!

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