Japan Tour Part 2: Candid Photos and a Video

Japan Tour Part 2: Candid Photos and a Video

We just got back from our Japan tour yesterday, and we were blown away by the fans and supporters who came out.  Many fans had all of our CDs, and one was so nervous asking Yoko to sign them that his hands were shaking.  That was just incredible to experience; our fans mean so much to us!

You may have seen some of the photos that we shared on our Facebook page, but we wanted to share some more candid photos mixed in with performance shots here on the site.  We think they capture the whole feel of the tour.

the fans:

Signing CDs.

Our new CD released in Japan, Act Naturally.

the tour:

The trio with a restaurant owner at a post-show meal.

Yoko's autograph on the wall.


Of course, a sweet break was necessary.

We also wanted to include the welcome video that Yoko did for the Cotton Club during the Act Naturally tour.  The video is in Japanese.

Thank you to everyone who cam out to see our many performances on our whirlwind tour in Japan!!


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  1. jerome says:

    Wonderful; wish I were there.

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