Yoko to Score a Film

Yoko to Score a Film

Have you ever had a project that started out small, but then the more you worked with it, the bigger and better it got? That’s kind of what happened with Yoko’s involvement in the upcoming film Midlife.

Midlife is an independent film written and directed by Greg Travis. He is also the star, and has acted in a broad variety of film and television roles, from Watchmen to CSI: Miami. The filmmaker found Yoko on Youtube and fell in love with her original composition Wheel of Life.  At first, he was just going to use the recorded version from the CD Live at Scullers Jazz Club, but after he and Yoko talked,  they came up with a plan for her to compose some new music for the film. Fast forward to a couple weeks later and Yoko is now scoring the entire film, 39 cues!

Midlife a Greg Travis Film

Midlife has already been shot and edited – and the trailer is already out – it just needs music. As Berklee faculty, Yoko was able to get Logic Pro composing and recording software and is hard at work composing and making demos for Greg’s approval. It’s all going to culminate in a recording session in Boston with live musicians playing the parts, including not only the trio but also tenor saxophone, flute, cello and violin.

Check back on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates on this exciting project as they develop.

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  1. Greg Travis says:

    The sound track came out great and will make a big impression I’m sure. Thanks Yoko Miwa for your great talent.

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