Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Some blogs and social media feeds have a Throwback Thursday every week, sharing gems from the past. We don’t want to inundate you with throwbacks, but they can be fun once in a while, so here are a few for your reading, listening, and browsing pleasure:

For those of you with a MySpace account, the Trio does have a MySpace page you can check out for a different kind of throwback.

Check out “In the Mist of Time,” Yoko’s 2001 CD, which-legendary jazz critic James Isaacs said “amply displays her burgeoning talent as a writer of melodically inviting, impressionistic material, as well as introducing a technically assured soloist with a clean, singing sound and an occasional penchant for the blues in pastels.”

Video of a performance in Japan in 2007.

The blog only comes out once a week, so if you are craving more Yoko Miwa Trio news, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter, but you can also explore the rest of the website and the blog’s archives.

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