Thank you for making the JazzFest Falmouth concert wonderful!

Thank you for making the JazzFest Falmouth concert wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the Trio on Sunday! It was a beautiful day on the Cape and our first time performing at Jazzfest Falmouth. Here are some reflections on the performance from Yoko.

“First, let me speak of the exquisite piano at Highfield Hall. It was a concert grand Mason & Hamlin, which is even bigger than a concert grand Steinway. When I first saw it I thought it may be hard to play.  Pianists have to play the instrument provided, and over the years I’ve learned how to deal with any type of piano. Sometimes the sound of a particular piano can be so intoxicating that it has a strong effect on how I play. It could be a harsh tone that doesn’t really agree with me but this piano lead me to the right place… this piano was like an old friend who was so happy to see me and I was equally happy.

Yoko Miwa at JazzFest Falmouth, Highfield Hall

“The concert had sold out in record time, so we knew we were going to have an audience, but you never know what your audience will be like until you’re in the midst of performance. This was not only an enthusiastic and appreciative audience,  the room was at capacity and the concert ended in immediate standing ovation. That would’ve been enough but this audience was special.

Yoko Miwa Trio and audience at JazzFest Falmouth, Highfield Hall

“It was one of those wonderful moments where we as performers could feed off the energy the audience was giving to us, helping to guide the direction of our improvisation. We played the beautiful ballad by Jerome Kern titled Don’t Ever Leave Me.” That’s they way we felt toward this audience and I think the feeling was mutual.”

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