Time for Another Throwback Thursday!

Time for Another Throwback Thursday!

We’ll start off our throwback with someone who was doing their own throwback, in that they had reviewed Yoko Miwa before. Scroll down to the middle of the page or use the search function in your browser, because the site is full of reviews.Here’s an older review that is lush with praise, even if the metaphors get complicatedly creative.

Musicians frequently get a lot more press soon after an album has come out, which is probably why we are still finding complementary things people said about Yoko or the whole Trio in 2011, when “Live at Scullers Jazz Club” was first released. This one cuts right to the point — the CD is described in a list titled “Buy These Albums.”

Finally, here’s an audio track, available to stream online, of an interview Yoko did a few years ago for ABradio on BlogTalk Radio.

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