Yoko played a solo piano show in Hartford, CT, recently. Here’s a beautiful photo of the performance, taken by Ray Shaw:

Click for a larger version

Ken Vermes left a great comment under this photo on Yoko’s Facebook page: “If I walked into the Hartford Library and saw this — I would die and go to heaven!”

Yoko is playing a number of time in Boston and Cambridge throughout the month of April. Celebrate the springing of spring by supporting live jazz! Check out the shows page for details.

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  1. John T. says:

    Yoko’s exceptionally talented drummer Scott Goulding is also her husband, which I think is fantastic because it gives a touch of family to the trio. However, poor Scott, Yoko never tells the audience at her shows that they are married which I think they would get a big kick out of!

  2. Yoko Miwa says:

    You are correct John, Scott is not only an exceptionally talented drummer but he is also my husband. We’ve been married for nearly 6 years but have been together as a couple since 1998. I guess we really separate the personal from the professional, we’ve been together as a couple almost as long as we’ve been performing together. When we take the stage though we treat each other as fellow musicians. Maybe I should mention it if you think the audience would really get a kick out of it. Don’t feel bad for Scott though, he prefers being my drummer on the stage and my husband off the stage. -Yoko

  3. John T. says:

    It’s you decision Yoko, but I think that people like and need nice stories. In today’s crazy world there’s plenty of bad news and negative stories, it’s nice for people to have positive role models or examples of people who live life the right way. It’s kind of a sweet story to me.

  4. Yoko Miwa says:

    Thank you for this John!

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