You CAN get there from here: Yoko heads to New Hampshire!

You CAN get there from here: Yoko heads to New Hampshire!

This Sunday, May 11, Yoko plays at The Press Room, 77 Daniel St. in Portsmouth, NH. The show starts at 4:30. Yoko is featured on the Foster’s Daily Democrat website. Hope to see you there!

kentMeanwhile, our blogger, Jason Crane, shares this story about his one and only visit to Portsmouth:

“My some-number-of-greats grandfather, Stephen Flanders, arrived in Portsmouth in 1638. Three hundred and sixty-two years later, his some-number-of-greats grandson visited the city on my birthday for a whale watch. I’d been on boats my whole life, but on this day, I suddenly developed a case of seasickness. No problem, I figured, we’ll be out on the water for an hour or so and I’ll tough it out.

“But no, the whale watch lasted six hours. And for the whole of that time, we chased the same minke whale around the Atlantic. Every time this little whale popped his or her head above the water, the captain would shout ‘Whale!’ and off we’d go in hot pursuit. I was green from head to toe.

“After we got off the boat, my friends and I headed to dinner. And although I was a little wobbly after hours of whale chasing, we had some amazing food in the lovely downtown.”

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Image credit: “Moby Dick or the Whale by Herman Melville.” Rockwell Kent, American, 1882 1971. Book. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gift of Gordon A. Block, Jr., 1943.

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