The Yoko Miwa Show #001: Welcome To The New Podcast!

The Yoko Miwa Show #001: Welcome To The New Podcast!



Welcome to the first episode of Yoko’s new podcast. In this episode, Yoko and co-host Jason Crane talk about her childhood years in Kobe, Japan.

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  1. Tom Doherty says:

    Nice work Jason on starting up this podcast Y.M. show! Was fun to hear of your early years in Kobe Yoko. Thanks for sharing. Your Dad had a similar passion to you with his creative work as a machine designer from the sounds of it. The best just get swept up in the creative process and sometimes forget to go home in time for dinner and/or they just keep on with the creative process all day long! The image of your Mom in the kimono and doing the constant nudging and encouraging needed to help you learn to read music – delightful! From google earth I could see that beautiful suspension bridge near your house and also it looked like some nice marinas with lots of boats and some beaches near there too! All in all, you were really blessed to have such great parents and location to grow up where such great resources existed to help you get started in life! Rock on Yoko! Thanks!

  2. Ralph Blur says:

    Nice interview, looking forward to more, and seeing you perform in MA soon.



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  4. John T. says:

    Yoko, this interview triggered a question from me. What are your favorite classical music pieces?

    • Yoko Miwa says:

      Hi John,
      This blog is testing my memory. There are more but this is what comes to mind:
      I used to practice Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude op.10 no.12 and Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.14 in C sharp minor, Op.27 No.2 “Moonlight”: 3. Presto a lot and still do sometimes.
      I always wanted to play Chopin’s Polonaise No.6 in A Flat, Op.53 “Heroic” I used to play it but it’s too hard for me. 🙁

      • John T. says:

        I love Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 and Chopin.

        Frightening that there is something that is too hard for you to play. After watching your hands play up close many times in person, if there is something too hard for you to play there is no hope for us mere mortals. : (

  5. Zoran Trtanj says:

    Thank you for great podcast, looking forward for nex one!

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