Influences #1: Keith Jarrett

Influences #1: Keith Jarrett

All this month we’re featuring songs that mean something to Yoko. Her first selection is from Keith Jarrett’s album At The Deer Head Inn.

Yoko says: “Here’s an example of a well known standard tune which I already knew and liked. Keith Jarrett sounds so liberated on this performance and I can hear how much he is enjoying the moment. What I heard when Keith Jarrett played this song was how much he loved the tune — it came through so strong and made me like this song more and made me want to play it in my own performances. Keith Jarrett has had an impact on my playing in many ways but what stands out the most here is the singable quality of his solo. It’s like he’s singing another melody on top of the chord changes and not playing the patterns or licks that everyone else plays. He doesn’t try to show off or play anything overly technical in this solo. He means every note that he plays. I strive to be responsible for every note when I play too, that’s definitely something I learned from Keith Jarrett and especially on this performance.”

A few notes about this recording: This album was recorded at the Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA in September 1992. It was released on ECM Records. Jarrett is joined by Gary Peacock on bass and the late Paul Motian on drums. Jarrett played his first jazz gig of note at the Deer Head Inn thirty years before this recording was made. The album is also a recorded reunion for Jarrett and Motian, who hadn’t appeared on one of Jarrett’s records since 1977.

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  1. Jos says:

    Yes, you’re ablolutly right about Keith Jarret’s style. Good strive to do his way of interpretations. What I’m also like about his music are the moments of rest. In music silent moments are often stronger than a constant filling by the drums et cetera. The album Concert in Koln from Keith is one of the most impressive pieces I ever heard in my life and examples the pauses in the music He’s also singing with the piano. I’m also remembering an interview with Miles Davis. He also mentioned the moments of rest in a music piece as a important ingridient in a composition. Nice blog Yoko, good topic!

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