The Yoko Miwa Show #11: Influences & Beyond

The Yoko Miwa Show #11: Influences & Beyond


In this episode, Yoko talks about how to learn from your musical influences, and how to move past them to find your own sound.

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  1. John T. says:

    Hi Yoko,

    I’m not sure, but I stumbled on this article about jazz in Boston during the 1970’s and I thought you and others might find it interesting to read.

  2. Jos de Groot says:

    Yes this could be the start of something Yoko! One of my favorit tracks on your album, nice ending. Yes I guess the Berklee students do get influenced by their teacher. Nothing wrong with that, they chose the right person for the job! Well I think you can compare the influences in music to the influences people have to each other in our society. Social, political and psychological movements are in a perpetual motion.So is music! The strongest feel of influence I get is when you hear a piece with musicians of different cultures around the world play together. The results are often fascinating and beautiful. I’ve also have high expectations from an album releasing in May this year made by the just graduated Berklee student Jazz composer Jihye Lee with her Big Band. She says: ‘I do vocals with the music to have this experience and feel of Korean sentiments Its a quite unique listening experience’. This is an fine example of the perpetual motion of musical influences; thanks to the web all mankind will sooner or later play together totally new music and discover outer limits of musical possibilities… Despite the difficult times that we experience together as people in this world, it has never been so captivating to experience all these beautiful movements. Best Jos

    • Yoko Miwa says:

      Very well said Jos, I really enjoy reading your writing and thank you for leaving such great comments. You are so right everything is in motion and we can see that in every aspect of life all around us. I hope the internet will bring all musicians of every culture and background together, with the difficult times we are facing in the world currently it makes our mission as musicians more important than ever!

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