Happy birthday Bix!

Happy birthday Bix!

Bix Beiderbecke was born on March 3, 1903. And while we here at YokoMiwa.com usually look forward, sometimes it’s nice to look back and remember some of the greats who’ve paved the way for today’s music. With that in mind, here are three Bix tunes.

4 Responses

  1. MARK says:

    I’ve always though he had the greatest name in Jazz History!

  2. JEFF says:

    Nice to remember Bix. Too bad there’s not a post here of the original recording of ‘Singin’ the Blues’ he did with Frank Trumbauer. This is the recording that cemented Bix’s legacy the way Coleman Hawkin’s version of ‘Body and Soul’ cemented his. Considering that Bix didn’t write this song the Muldaur group version doesn’t really capture what Bix achieved with his. Bix’s rendition, along with Armstrong’s far more well known and influential ‘West End Blues,’ were arguably the pivotal trumpet pieces of the original Jazz Age.

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