Ms. Miwa Goes To Washington

Ms. Miwa Goes To Washington

Yoko played a sold-out show at the Arts Club of Washington. The show was sponsored by the Japanese Embassy.



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  1. John T. says:

    Good to see. Well how was it?

    • Yoko Miwa says:

      It was a great experience to perform outside of Boston and have it be sold-out! I did an interview on DC’s NPR station WPFW but at that point there were already only a few tickets left. Beautiful audience! Listened attentively to a solo piano concert more than an hour long. 🙂

      • Alan Hanson says:

        Wonderful performance as usual. Great to see you performing outside the greater Boston area.

      • John T. says:

        In the old days of the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s you would have been touring the country now and would have had those types of audiences every night. It’s a different time where people are easily distracted and can’t unplug from their phones and enjoy life, music, art. Things in life that are thoughtful and meaningful people have a hard time focusing on. I love classical and jazz which came as an evolution for me out of pop, rock and roll like the Beatles, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, James Taylor etc.

        Now all I really listen to is classical and jazz and most people are like “don’t you find that tough to listen to as it’s not exciting?” and my response is I need something beautiful out of a very busy, exhausting life where every second of my day is scheduled so I want peace and jazz and classical music provide that.

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