DownBeat Raves About Yoko And Sheila

DownBeat Raves About Yoko And Sheila

DownBeat is the standard-bearer of the jazz world. Founded in Chicago in 1934, DownBeat has chronicled every phase of the evolution of jazz, from swing to bebop to fusion to the modern era. Now DownBeat has weighed in on Yoko’s recent show with Sheila Jordan at Thelonious Monkfish. The verdict? Check out the article:     Sheila Jordan as Radiant as Ever in Cambridge


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  1. John T. says:

    Nice article. Yoko, are you and Scott headed again to Pennsylvania to perform in Scott’s hometown this Christmas? The reason I ask is that the story of Scott and his father is one of the most touching that I have ever read and it really stuck with me when I saw it because of how close I am to my Dad.

    • YOKO MIWA says:

      Thank you John, We are very happy to see our names in Downbeat. 🙂
      Yes we are going to PA visiting Scott’s mom and performing one night. Scott is very touched by your words. Happy Holidays! Yoko

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