Yoko Plays Easter Brunch At City Winery On April 1!

Yoko Plays Easter Brunch At City Winery On April 1!

Admit it, nothing says “Happy April Fool’s Day, darling” like an Easter brunch at Boston’s City Winery, featuring music by the fabulous Yoko Miwa Trio. And given the obvious truth of that statement, we feel we must urge you to get tickets to the show. And thus:


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  1. John T. says:


    Wednesday, March 28

    “She creates luminous compositions and arrangements, spins lustrous, unaccompanied introductions. But even on ballads, there’s a hardness to Yoko Miwa’s piano touch. Every stretch of notes has a little bit of piston in it, a little bit of percussive momentum that drives the music forward even if it seems to want to linger a moment on this or that turn of phrase. That’s not to say that Miwa ignores the nuances of the songs she plays; far from it. She does, however, treat them in unpredictable ways that evokes a curious tension on the keyboard. Maybe it’s just a suspense within the ear of the listener: How is she going to choose to push this tune? And how will she urge her rhythm section to follow her on that path? She always delivers.” The Yoko Miwa Trio performs at 8 and 10 p.m. as part of the Japanese Jazz Series at Blues Alley, 1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW. $22.

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