Let’s Be Honest, This Is A Weird Love Song

Let’s Be Honest, This Is A Weird Love Song

Friends, it’s Jason. Can we be honest with one another for a minute? I know that as this Valentine’s Day season rolls around each year, one of the love songs that gets trotted out is “My Funny Valentine.” But I’m firmly convinced that’s because nobody’s ever listened to the words. The song is largely one long insult of the singer’s beloved, with a “but I love you anyway I guess” thrown in. Much like “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” which is finally getting its well-deserved comeuppance, I feel like it’s time, not to retire “My Funny Valentine,” but at least to realize that it ain’t a love song, unless you’re in a David Lynch movie. Anyway, it’s still beautiful, so here are Yoko Miwa and Rebecca Paris to perform it for you:

Of course your mileage may vary. Do you think I’m reading the meaning incorrectly? Hit me up in the comments.

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  1. Jerome Frank says:

    I remember David Frost’s last question to his guests was: Do you love because or despite the other’s flaws? I think it starts with the former & then segues into the latter. So, you learn to love DESPITE at first, but then those quirks become lovable.

  2. John T. says:


    I come here to get away from politics and not to have to hear someone’s political views which was the case above. There’s too much of it everywhere, and you’re someone that brings people together and unifies them. If I wanted oppressive, dominating political correctness which was expressed above I could read a political blog. I would suggest that the type of opinion which was expressed above on “Baby It’s Cold Outside” be left to a political website where that type of reflexive knee jerk lack of intellectualism is often found. If I see anymore insertion of politics from any side inserted into a music blog I will stop visiting this website. This is about Yoko Miwa’s trio, not someone’s personal political views. I was visiting this site long before this “webmaster” was hired. Inappropriate content for this blog.

  3. Oren Levine says:

    I’ve been performing Funny Valentine for years with the singer Aaron Myers, who started singing it on my wife’s suggestion (her favorite song). Here’s his take on its meaning:

    If you ever see a couple who’ve been married or together for a long time (my grandparents were together for 70 years) these words ring true.

    There will be a time in every relationship when you don’t look as handsome/pretty/fit/attractive as you may have been in your youth.

    There are also those who find love that don’t display the conventional “beauty” stanards (especially according to westernized standards)…but something different.

    At some point, if we’re fortunate, we will find a love who will stay (and demand you stay) regardless of how time, health, or even circumstance has changed what you look like aesthetically…I find the words to be profound!

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