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Blue-tinted photo of pianist, bassist and drummer on stage with brick background

PHOTOS: Yoko At Blues Alley

Thank you to the amazing DC audiences that packed the house for both sets at Blues Alley and showed us so much love! I was able to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom along the basin as my plane was landing, and Georgetown was so charming. It was fun being interviewed by Ferman Patterson & Michele Wright for an episode of the TV show 202Xtra. Nice to see DC jazz luminaries in the audience as well. Thank you to Perry, Kenny and the crew. Thanks to the Japanese Embassy and thank you Harry Schnipper. I love Washington DC!


  1. So good to see these photos of the trio in action. They really capture you all so well as you’re immersed in the music, digging in, the deep concentration evident. Now I just have to hear and see you in action again.

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