Yoko Miwa Signs With Ubuntu Management Group

Yoko Miwa Signs With Ubuntu Management Group

A message from Yoko Miwa:

I’m incredibly thrilled to share the news that I’ve signed with Ubuntu and my next CD will be released on their label later this year! I feel so honored and blessed to join their amazing roster of artists alongside Seamus Blake, Eric Alexander, Mike LeDonne, Laurence Hobgood, Darius Brubeck, Quentin Collins, and fellow Ellora artist Hakan Basar, to name just a few.

Lead by the amazing Martin Hummel, Ubuntu is just what I was looking for, with a vision that aligns with who I am as an artist and represents all the qualities I admire. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Laura Hess Hay Jamal and Ellora Management for making this happen. I am so looking forward to the opportunities this will bring!

Since my identity as a jazz musician cannot be simply expressed in a singular emotion or atmosphere, signing with the Ubuntu label is fate. The word ubuntu means “I am because we are.” It’s already a natural fit with who I am as a musician and the wide-ranging palette I express through my music. On my initial release I plan to show that by being myself, playing in service of the music instead of being self-serving. Connecting with audiences through music has been my mantra as long as I’ve been a jazz performer. My debut on the Ubuntu label will feature my signature calling card of playing in different jazz contexts with spontaneity and clarity … from Monk to Zeppelin, Milt Jackson to Milton Nascimento and more, as well as featuring a healthy dose of my original compositions.

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  1. Matt Maslin says:

    Congratulations, Yoko! Can’t wait to hear the new album!

  2. David Blumberg says:

    Yoko- Congratulations, can you consider playing in Western, MA if you have the possibility?

  3. Toby Atlas says:

    Congratulations, Yoko! Hope to see you and Scott soon.

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