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Yoko Miwa To Perform Via Streaming On Fridays And Saturdays

A message from Yoko: “I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t performing somewhere on a Friday night. During these stressful times, I thought I would try to create a sense of normalcy for my fans – and for me – by continuing to perform. Last Friday I decided to play on Facebook Live and got such an overwhelming response that I decided to do so again on Saturday night. Unlike regular videos, where you can do several takes, live video has the energy of being in the moment which is vital to jazz. I will continue to do live streamed solo piano performances from my home studio in Boston on Friday and Saturday nights at 9 PM ET until my audiences and I can meet again in person. I hope this will bring joy to listeners during these difficult times and that everyone stays safe and healthy.”

You can watch the live stream at https://www.facebook.com/yokomiwapiano even if you don’t have a Facebook account. (Facebook tries to make you log in but if you look at the bottom of the window where it asks you to log in, you can click on the words “Not Now” (in small print) and then you can watch the video.) Stay safe and enjoy!


      1. We are starving for your great tunes Thank you for going online. It will provide a much needed fix for us. Jon and Kim

  1. Magnificent news, Yoko. Absolutely logging on this weekend. Miss you and Scott and Zygs. This will be soft butter melting on warm bread. I’ll shake myself a Manhattan, lean back and let my ears smile. Thank you. Wishing you both health, productivity and hearts undimmed.

    1. So great to hear from you Tim! We miss you too. I’m glad to know you’ll be tuning in to the live stream and enjoying it in the proper way. 🙂 Please stay safe and healthy too!

  2. Yoko: I, and likely many others, appreciate this gesture. I am essentially trapped in Florida (luckily, on the west coast), and could use some musical sustenance. I will look forward to a future live performance in Boston or Cambridge.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thank you for the kind words! Being trapped in Florida is better than a lot of other places. 🙂 I was supposed to be there myself performing in Delray Beach at Arts Garage Friday night but of course it was canceled. I look ofrward to performing live again too but until then please tune into my livestream on Facebook.

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