A Note Of Thanks From Yoko Miwa

A Note Of Thanks From Yoko Miwa

Yoko Miwa, jazz pianist, Yamaha artist, represented Ellora Management Inc., photographed at Yamaha Artists Services, 8/19/2020. Photo by Chris LeeDespite the situation we’re currently in, I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

First is my new manager, Laura Hess Hay Jamal, who has helped me to stay optimistic for what’s ahead and made me feel like one of her family. Then there’s Martin Hummel, the executive of my new record label Ubuntu Music, who supports me and believes in me, restoring my faith in the music business. Of course I can’t forget my publicist Ann Braithwaite who helps spread the message of my music in such a heartfelt way. I’m beyond grateful for the support of Yamaha Artist Services for making me a lifetime piano artist.

I can’t forget Jamme Chantler, who I’m proud to call a dear friend, who has made me part of his world by providing an outlet for my music. Thanks to Matt Hayes for helping to me to sound my best and Dave Habeeb for helping me to look my best. There are the individuals behind the scenes like Jason Crane and Janice Tsai whose invaluable help is impossible to quantify.

I’m thankful for all the fans and friends who have shown me love, not only at live performances but also through countless live-streamed performances as well as through beautiful messages and generous donations. I feel blessed to have a teaching position at one of the top music colleges in the world, surrounded by amazing colleagues and model students. I am fortunate to have two uniquely talented bass players, Will Slater and Brad Barrett, who I am proud to call dear friends.

Then there’s my husband Scott Goulding, who shares his unconditional love with me as well as his musical ideas and stellar drumming. Last but not least are my family and friends, particularly my mother, sister, nieces, mother-in-law, Arthur Dahl, and my cat Edamame. I give thanks for my health and my home and can’t express how much it means to be able to do what I love for a living. I thank you for reading this and wish you all nothing but the best that life can bring.

With love,


12 Responses

  1. Patricia Goulding says:

    Am I your stepmother ?

  2. Gerry says:


    Thank you for the music. In times like these, a beautiful diversion is really appreciated.

    Your Fan
    Gerry F.

  3. Jerry+Klinow says:

    Yoko, the way you relate to your fan base with kindness and graciousness is unsurpassed. Your incredible feel for your music is just a bonus. A very big bonus! This pandemic will, at some point, be behind us and then you’ll be performing in front of new fans the world over. They are in for a treat. You and Scott have worked hard, paid your dues, and soon your career will explode. Can’t wait!

  4. jerry slavet says:

    sweet note. from a sweet lady who makes sweet music.

    best to you and scott.

    jerry s.

  5. Scott Muller says:

    Keep up the great work; enjoy these coming Holidays and cant wait to see what awesome music you will bring the rest of this year and forever!!!

  6. Kevin Porter says:

    Thanks Yoko!
    I discovered your music this spring through your weekly on line streaming sessions and have been listening and thankful ever since.

    • Yoko+Miwa says:

      Hi Kevin! Thank you for the comment and sorry for the late reply. There is a filter on my website so the first time someone writes a comment it has to be approved. I’m so glad to hear you were tuning in to my live streamed shows! Hope to see you in person at one of my live performances in the future.
      Much love,

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