Suffering from FOMO?

Suffering from FOMO?

Yoko and Fans at The Mad Monkfish

What Is FOMO?
The fear of missing out refers to the feeling or perception that others are having more fun, living better lives, or experiencing better things than you are. If you haven’t been to Monkfish since live music returned here’s what you’ve been missing! It’s been great to see so many friends and fans and to be together again to share music, eat, drink, talk, and hug. Yoko Miwa Trio’s Friday night residency has resumed at The Mad Monkfish! 🥰 No Cover Charge! The music is free with your meal. 1st Show: 7pm to 8:15pm & 2nd Show: 8:45pm to 10pm so make reservations accordingly, be sure to specifically request to be seated in the Jazz Room. We hope you’ll join us! ️ If you’re too far to come in person, you can still watch livestreaming on The Mad Monkfish’s Facebook page


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