A Trip Into Yoko Miwa’s Video Vault

A Trip Into Yoko Miwa’s Video Vault

Yoko has been posting videos on YouTube for more than a decade. This week we bring you a few gems from over the years.

Let’s start with the earliest video on the channel, posted in April 2009. This video starts off at 100 mph and keeps groovin’.

Yoko’s collaboration with jazz giant Sheila Jordan goes back many years and includes live performances, videos, master classes and more. Here’s a duet from March 2011.

Have you been to one of Yoko’s many sold-out shows at Scullers? Here’s the band in 2013 with a stunning rendition of Neil Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.”

In 2014 Yoko added a feather to her cap with a show at the world-famous Blue Note in New York City.

Finally, as live music resumes at Mad Monkfish, here’s a gem from 2016 (when the club had a different name but the same passion for promoting jazz).

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