A Very Unlikely Band (Happy Birthday, Yoko!)

A Very Unlikely Band (Happy Birthday, Yoko!)

Yoko Miwa’s birthday is on May 22. This year, we thought we’d look up other musicians born on this day to see what kind of birthday band we could put together. It’s going to be a quintet, but right from the start it’s a very different kind of band. Two pianos, a cosmic tone organ, a trombone, and a saxophone. Here are the members of the birthday band.

Piano #1: Yoko Miwa

Piano #2: Christian Sands

Astro Space Organ: Sun Ra

Trombone: Barry Rogers

Saxophone: Ian Underwood

A little odd? Yes. A band we’d like to see? Definitely yes!

Happy birthday, Yoko!

4 Responses

  1. Alfred Zulli says:

    I would go see them in a minute. Ian Underwood and Sun Ra? Absolutely.

  2. Scott Mellon says:

    After checking these out, I just have to wonder what makes May 22 a day so many mental therapy via music experts arrived on the planet. (All music is mental and even physical therapy of sorts, right?) I have only known about Sun Ra as a muscian who shares the May 22nd birthday with YM. In any case, thanks for digging all these gems out. A couple (Christian Sands and Ian Underwood) I have known only very distantly, but obviously so much more to sink into. And now I have to jump onto the Barry Rogers bandwagon and seek out his earthly legacy.

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