Author: Janice

Last Call

After 41 performances to date with 4 different songs each Friday and Saturday since March 20, my live streamed solo piano concerts on Facebook are coming to an end. That’s 164 songs in case you aren’t counting. I’m kind of surprised myself especially because I have enough repertoire to not only play all different songs…
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Thanks for the Memory

It is with mixed emotions Yoko is announcing the end of her live-streaming solo piano concert series on Facebook. The last public performance by Yoko Miwa was on March 14; starting on March 20 Yoko began live-streaming solo piano concerts from her piano studio in Boston on her Facebook page every Friday and Saturday night…
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Missing Newport Jazz Festival this year? Listen to past festivals here!

The Newport Jazz Festival is the grandaddy of all jazz festivals being one of the oldest and longest running music festivals in America. Due to the pandemic, the festival won’t be taking place this year and jazz fans around the globe are heartbroken. Do you know the story of Duke Ellington’s 1956 performance at the…
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