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Women in Instrumental Jazz and Women’s History Month

“Hal Galper said something that was interesting . . . somebody said, ‘So, Hal, you know jazz has pretty gone as far as it can go, right? I mean what’s left to change?’ . . . he goes, ‘I guess the only thing left to change is women. More women.’. . . I kind of…
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Cherry Blossoms and Song

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Japan’s gift of cherry trees to the United States. Boston is receiving a gift of cherry trees from Japan this spring to celebrate this 100th anniversary of the friendship between Japan and the United States. Berklee College of Music, where Yoko Miwa is an assistant professor and also…
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Returning to the Regattabar on March 27, 2012

“One of Boston’s finest jazz trios.” — Kevin Lowenthal, Boston Globe The Yoko Miwa Trio is set to perform on Tuesday, March 27th, at Regattabar (1 Bennett St., Cambridge, MA, located inside the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square).  The performance will feature Yoko Miwa on piano, Greg Loughman on bass, and Scott Goulding on drums.…
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