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Upcoming Cotton Club Performance

We’re off to Tokyo next week to debut at the Cotton Club (one of the major venues for Tokyo’s Jazz Festival earlier this month). We’re all so excited for this concert.  The Cotton Club has our concert on the front page, Yoko was featured in a prominent Japanese newspaper, and we get to promote our…
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Japan Tour Part 2: Candid Photos and a Video

We just got back from our Japan tour yesterday, and we were blown away by the fans and supporters who came out.  Many fans had all of our CDs, and one was so nervous asking Yoko to sign them that his hands were shaking.  That was just incredible to experience; our fans mean so much…
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Kobe and Fukuoka Photos from Our Tour

We wanted to share some photos of the fun we’ve been having on our Japan tour for our new CD. For CD information, click here.  Our Japanese fans can listen to snippets of songs and more from the link.           We’ll have more photos, including ones not shared on our Facebook…
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