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Throwback Thursday

Some blogs and social media feeds have a Throwback Thursday every week, sharing gems from the past. We don’t want to inundate you with throwbacks, but they can be fun once in a while, so here are a few for your reading, listening, and browsing pleasure:  A 2011 review of “Live at Scullers Jazz Club.”…
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Note by Note

If you read From Key to Ear, you know what happens in the piano when Yoko strikes a key. Have you wondered what happens when a piano hammer strikes a string? Three factors affect how the strings (also called piano wire) associated with a particular key produce the note, and a series of balances and…
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Ken Burns’s JAZZ episode VIII

Episode eight of Ken Burns’s series JAZZ focuses on Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. It’s great as a telling of their careers and a snapshot of the be-bop era, but as an installment in the history of jazz its focus on two artists makes it fairly narrow. Charlie Parker led a troubled life, his music…
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