April Is National Jazz Appreciation Month

April Is National Jazz Appreciation Month

April is full of so many things: showers, spring holidays, flowers blooming.  Did you know that April is also National Jazz Appreciation Month in the US?

Here in Boston, we have Jazz Week from April 27th – May 6th.  JazzBoston, working with the mayor, started this annual event celebrating Jazz in Boston.  We’ll be performing at Les Zygomates on May 5th for Jazz Week.  Check the here for details.

If you’re new to jazz, this is a great time to explore the jazz world through Youtube, concerts, and connecting with other jazz fans around you.  Check out the artists that we like on Facebook and the videos that Youtube suggests on our channel to see artists that are similar to our style.

If you’re a long-time jazz aficionado, reach out to your friends who may not know much about the genre and share the artists you admire and why.  Sharing the why is so important to bring in new faces and fresh air to the genre.  Especially with instrumental jazz where the backstory or meaning of a song isn’t as readily apparent as a song with lyrics.  Just like learning the backstory behind a work of art brings new found appreciation, so can sharing the stories and meanings of your favorite jazz pieces.

We hope you all get out and support jazz musicians in your area this month.

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