Sad Boston Jazz News

Sad Boston Jazz News

After such an amazing early part of the month, full of recording a new CD and winning best Boston jazz act, we were shocked to hear of the changes coming to local Boston jazz radio.  WGBH, the station whose studio we were just recording in, is cutting back hours of two prominent jazz shows.  Eric Jackson, a friend of the Yoko Miwa Trio and a prominent jazz DJ for WGBH, will no longer host his fantastic show Monday-Thursday evenings.  His show is getting pushed to Friday-Sunday with fewer hours.  Because of that time slot change, Steve Schwartz’s Friday show is being eliminated.  Both DJs have been in the Boston jazz scene for decades, and they have both been active in curating the best of jazz for their Boston audience.

We’ll keep you updated of any developments, but some of these programming changes may start as soon as July 2nd.

To read the article on the Boston Globe, click here.

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  1. Sue Auclair says:

    Thank you for posting this!!!


  2. Dave Dubinsky says:

    Sad, indeed! It was just a couple of year’s ago that I approached Jon Abbott, at a ‘GBH Leadship Donors Function, expressing my concerns about ‘GBH’s continued support of jazz radio at the station. At that time, Mr. Abbott assured me that jazz radio had his full backing and support. Subsequently, Eric’s weeknight broadcast saw an hour shaved off of his nightly show and, now, this regelation.

    Personally, my wife and I have significantly reduced our financial support of ‘GBH, until we see a return of a true commitment to providing ample jazz programming overture station’s airwaves.


  3. Dave Dubinsky says:

    PS – And, yes, the Boston jazz community will surely miss Mr. Steve!!! Our very best to you!!!

  4. Arthur Dahl says:

    It is sad for those who support public radio and contribute to WGBH. Eric’s weeknight show will be sorely missed as will Steve’s Friday spot. At least, we will have something on the weekend.

    We still have an alternative in the Boston area: WICN, 90.5, from Worcester. You can stream in at Jazz all day and everyday. Who knows, maybe Steve Schwartz can get a spot there. And Eric Jackson too!

  5. Joan Kellerman says:

    The end of Eric and Steve on GBH is more than Sad. No Pandora internet can replace radio with enlightened expert DJ’s plugged into jazz history then and now. WGBH will lose the donations I’ve given since I moved to Massachusetts, and to Boston for its live jazz scene which is declining . I’m from NYC but always felt pride in Boston’s jazz radio with hosts like Eric, Steve and the others I tuned into nightly .
    Those who feel as Dave, Sue , Yoko and I do, should contact me with their listening to jazz on WGBH memories which I plan to compile .
    Joan Kellerman
    Jamaica Plain

  6. M Larsen says:

    Sad day. Terrible news. Talk, talk, talk is all they want to do and much of it is simply those who have the time calling in to hear themselves talk.

    I am cancelling my support for GBH. They did this in NH after promising that they would continue a varied format. I will send my money to WICN, WBGO (Newark) or KCSM (CA) all of which stream on the internet.

  7. DoloresF says:

    Yes, I agree that is sad news. It is great to know that turning on the station to hear a little nighttime jazz is great. What could be as good a replacement I don’t know. The two hosts are masterful and it will certainly be a great loss to the Cultural scene to see and hear them go from the program. The music will be early missed.

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