A Great Way to Introduce Your Friends to Jazz

A Great Way to Introduce Your Friends to Jazz

You love jazz (that’s why you’re here, right?), but maybe you have friends that you think would like it if they weren’t intimidated by the genre.  Jazz music spans so many styles within the genre that it can often be overwhelming to newbies.

The New England Conservatory’s Jazz Orchestra has a concert on November 29th celebrating Third Stream jazz.  It’s a style that blends classical and jazz which makes it a great introduction to jazz as a whole.  Yoko started out as a classically trained pianist until she was introduced to jazz, and this concert may just spark a similar passion in others.  Bonus?  The concert is free.  Check out their website for the time and location.

If your friends like the introduction, send them over to our YouTube channel to expand their jazz horizons.

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