Happy birthday John Coltrane!

Happy birthday John Coltrane!

September 23 would have been John Coltrane’s 89th birthday. In tribute to Trane, Yoko recorded this:

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  1. John T. says:

    Hand Cam!

    I remember the first time that I listened to “A love Supreme” it was so different from anything else that I had heard, and I wasn’t sure that I liked it at all. I listened to it several more times, and then became to understand it’s brilliance and love it. Coltrane was a genius, but again another one of the jazz greats whose career ended way to soon, and was very short.

    Is it me or does jazz for some reason sound better in the fall than in winter, spring or summer? It’s like jazz is the official soundtrack for the fall season. They just seem to fit together.

  2. Chuck Feltch says:

    Beautifully performed ,Yoko. I love the whole Giant Steps album. Happy Birthday,Trane!

  3. Yoko Miwa says:

    Thanks John for the comment. I think that’s part of the beauty of A Love Supreme and any great work of art for that matter, it’s beauty isn’t always immediately evident and requires repeated listenings. The more we listen the more we appreciate and I have to say every time I listen to it I hear something that I didn’t before. Coltrane left us with a legacy.

  4. Yoko Miwa says:

    Thank you Chuck! The interesting thing was I listened to the entire Giant Steps album the night before not realizing the next day was his birthday. That is what inspired me to play Naima.

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