Christmas With Yoko #2: “O Christmas Tree”

Christmas With Yoko #2: “O Christmas Tree”

Every week this month we’ll post an exclusive video of Yoko performing a Christmas carol. Here’s “O Christmas Tree,” performed live between sets at Thelonious Monkfish. Enjoy!

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  1. John T. says:

    You should compile all of these and record a Christmas album. See how it sells.

    I loved how everybody stopped talking when you began playing. It was like “okay we have to shut up now, Yoko’s playing.”

    I dropped something in the mail to you guys at the address I had.

    Nice to see people in the Christmas spirit.

  2. MARK ZALL says:

    A beautiful piece of Christmas music, played in a Jazz vein impeccably by Yoko as we’ve come to expect.

    Watching the video makes you feel like you’re there at the piano while it’s being played.

    A view you hardly get. It draws you in even more. A great idea to shoot it this way.

  3. Peter and Deb Reinhart says:

    Yoko. absolutely dig your music. Look forward to seeing you soon. Peter and Deb

  4. Charles Basin says:

    I don’t like that people stopped listening and went back to talking when Yoko started her improvisation of the Christmas tune. How frustrating it must be to go to this place to hear Yoko playing and not be able to hear her music over the loud talking.

    • Yoko Miwa says:

      Thanks for the support Charles, you are preaching to the choir! It’s my dream to have every gig be a concert where everyone is listening 🙂

    • I hear you, Charles. We are working on it. It is a process because, as you realize, the common folk don’t listen to jazz and we are fighting that trend. Here at Thelonious Monkfish, though, I am dedicated to bringing the best jazz that I can to our diners, and we are gradually curating a listening crowd for the Jazz Baroness Room. Yoko and Scott are two of our best soldiers in the trenches. If all jazz lovers don’t support jazz in places like this, it will become an unnecessary expense and we will all cut our jazz programs and Boston will be left with Scullers and Regattabar: the church and museum of jazz respectively. Alternately, if jazz lovers are willing to pay for their music, I can close off this room from general diners and fill it will jazz listeners–but they need to be willing to pay. Will they?

      • Janice says:

        I love that Thelonious Monkfish has jazz in a casual setting. It’s nice to be able to catch up with friends who don’t generally listen to jazz while I can still enjoy the music. (and hopefully get them to realize they like jazz too) Still, it’s frustrating sometimes to have difficulty hearing the music over the chatter so thats why I wanted to go to the fundraiser for the Cambridge Jazz Festival since people would be paying attention to the music.

      • Charles Basin says:

        Yes there are enough Jazz listeners willing to pay for a performance. They filled Symphony Hall on November 22 to hear Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra .

        • Jamme Chantler says:

          Thank you, Charles! You’ve convinced me. Jazz should only be listened to in concert settings. So I’m going to cut my live jazz program out and just play canned Ella & Louie. Poor Yoko! Without us and Zygomates and Ryles she’ll have only two Boston concerts a year: one at Scullers and one at Regattabar! Well, at least the audiences will be able to hear!

  5. Susan Adams says:

    Absolutely LOVE this version-you make “O Christmas Tree” new again! Happy Holidays Yoko, and thank you for posting these musical moments! Susan

  6. Eric C. says:

    Yoko. This is Eric from Taiwan. Some day I just searched about Japanese pianists and then I found your music. I really love your music. Your improvisation is so beautiful and lyrical. Hope you can share more videos on the website and Youtube.

  7. Patrick G says:

    Such a cool rendition of a Christmas classic! I decided to pull out the melodica so I could play along. It was fun “jamming with you” Yoko! Cheers! Wishing you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!

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