Remembering Connie And Max

Remembering Connie And Max

Max Roach passed in 2007 but Connie Crothers passed just recently. This was the only time I saw either of them. I met Max in the green room after the show, and although his assistants were hurrying him along to leave, he took the time to sign his autograph for me complete with an original drawing by Max! This is now my personal treasure.


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  1. Scott Mellon says:

    Yeah, what can be said about a drummer with one of the broadest and deepest of musical visions of any American or twentieth century musician? My favorite memory of Max Roach is seeing him perform as a guest with bassist Richard Davis in the 1980s. Before they performed a series of duets, he played a long solo on just the snare drum, inspired, he said by his idol, “Papa” Jo Jones. He covered every surface of that snare with his sticks in an astonishing outpouring of creativity in both tone and rhythms. An absolutely unique artist.

    • Yoko Miwa says:

      Sounds amazing Scott! He played a few solo drum pieces when I saw him also, he had a floor tom with a pedal to change the pitch. Got to hear him play his signature uptempo with his pristine ride cymbal touch!

  2. Marla says:

    Glad you had the opportunity to meet and hear both Max Roach and Connie Crothers. I am thankful I did get to hear Max quite a few times in NYC, but never Connie.

  3. Ted Lilley says:

    We have to remember them.

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