The Yoko Miwa Show #017: 15 Years At Ryles Jazz Club

The Yoko Miwa Show #017: 15 Years At Ryles Jazz Club


On this episode, Yoko talks about her 15 years playing brunch shows at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA.

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  1. John T. says:

    I don’t drink alcohol, so I’m glad to know that you don’t drink, but I was surprised because you have a million drinks named after you, and I always see you posing with “Yoko Miwa “cocktails.

    I’ve put on some bad jazz recordings that have had the opposite effect and made me cry.

  2. Yoko Miwa says:

    Well the subject of my next podcast will be my residency at Les Zygomates which is where I developed a taste for wine but even that didn’t happen until after I had been playing there for years and it is the oldest wine bar in Boston. I do enjoy the occasional cocktail also but don’t worry, I’m still a lightweight.

  3. Joann Huddleston says:

    When I saw “Fifteen years at Ryles…”, I had to laugh. I discovered you just in September 2016! Talk about relevance ! I was mesmerized with your playing – the sounds you create are wonderful, some arrest your senses, others softly break over your head and wash down… Thank you for my latest discovery.

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