EXCLUSIVE Yoko Live Recording Plus News About An Upcoming Show!

EXCLUSIVE Yoko Live Recording Plus News About An Upcoming Show!

“Mr. B.G.” recorded live at The Press Room

pressroomsquareFrom Yoko: “Here’s a recording from our performance last Sunday at the Press Room in Portsmouth, NH. The audience was incredible! They were with us on every single note and weren’t afraid to show us their love, as you’ll hear. This is one of my original songs called ‘Mr. B.G.,’ written in tribute to one of my favorite pianists, Benny Green. It was recorded by Ryan Parker, who’s an excellent pianist in his own right and also a talented recording and sound engineer!”

And one more note from Yoko: “We’re excited to be returning to Highfield Hall in Falmouth on February 10th! It’s an amazing, intimate venue with an excellent piano and great ambiance. I hope you’ve got your tickets, though, because it’s already sold out! Be sure to keep this venue on your radar.”

10 Responses

  1. Jerome Frank says:

    Outstanding; mazel Tov.

  2. David S. says:

    My wife and I were there. Great show! We’ll look forward to you returning to Portsmouth.

  3. jerry slavet says:

    i was at the portsmouth show –
    it was, as all yoko’s shows are, magical –


  4. John T. says:

    Nice performance Yoko. May be one of the best versions that I have heard you do of it. I love the stage and the ‘atmosphere”

  5. Jerry Klinow says:

    The Press Room show was Typical of Yoko & the Trio… World class music in a wonderful intimate venue, it just doesn’t get any better!

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