Goodbye Eric Jackson, the Dean of Boston Jazz Radio

Goodbye Eric Jackson, the Dean of Boston Jazz Radio

Eric Jackson and Yoko Miwa

We not only lost a genuine treasure of the Boston jazz scene I also lost a dear friend and one of the biggest supporters of my music when the Dean of Boston Jazz Radio, Eric Jackson passed last Saturday morning. Eric played my music a lot, especially my latest album. If you listened to “Eric in the Evening” on WGBH you’ve more than likely heard my music. Eric and I grew closer over the years and even closer during the pandemic. I remember when Eric was on the air every night and would open the show with Tommy Flanagan’s beautiful version of “Peace” and as soon as I’d hear the first few notes I knew everything was still right in the world. But today I struggle to understand why such an incredible human had to leave us before his time was due. I love you Eric! I will miss you forever and am eternally grateful for your friendship, support and everything you’ve done for me. The Boston jazz scene will never be the same, an enormous loss like this will take time to heal but I want to make it part of my mission to make sure people remember the legacy of Eric Jackson. Rest in Peace Eric, wish I could hear your soothing voice one more time but I’ll never forget it or you! 


 -Yoko Miwa

I was honored to be interviewed for the piece WGBH did on Eric Jackson. See it here:

You can watch the video interview I did with Eric Jackson for PBS in the WGBH studio here:

A few tickets left for the Yoko Miwa Trio at Scullers Jazz Club on Sept 30 at 8pm. Get your tickets here:

2 Responses

  1. Franklyn & says:

    What a loss!! Eric was my regular source of my favorite jazz on his show.

    I am an avocational jazz drummer and was stunned to hear when his Sunday nite show was canceled. So, of course, I took my drum and was photographed by a major jazz magazine leading a group of similar minded musicians marching around his studios in Brighton, MA in protest.

    Rest in Peace My Brother.

    Thank you for your thoughtful email.
    Frank Austin

  2. Glenn Davis says:

    Like you,Yoko, I looked forward to the piece, “Peace”, when Eric had his show during the week so many years ago. I hope the next host(s) revive that ritual.

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