NEW VIDEO! Yoko Miwa plays Mr. B.G. for Benny Green

NEW VIDEO! Yoko Miwa plays Mr. B.G. for Benny Green

Yoko Miwa Playing For Benny Green

Benny Green at Scullers Jazz Club last weekend was a night I’ll never forget! As if his stellar solo piano concert wasn’t already memorable enough, we hung out at the club with him after hours listening to music of his choice and talked about the past, present, and future of jazz. He told us incredible stories about some of the legends of this art form then Benny treated us to a private concert, when he started to play piano again I was already on cloud nine then to my surprise Benny turned to me and said: I want to hear your music. This experience was such that when I woke up the next morning I had to ask myself if it was a dream but it really happened! Luckily, Scullers Artistic Director, Marla Kleman was there to document the moment on video for which I’m so grateful. I played my composition I wrote in tribute to Benny Green titled “Mr. B.G.”, I never expected to have the chance to play it for him and of course I was nervous at first but the music took over and as did Benny’s unparalleled generosity of spirit and sharing nature, I was truly overwhelmed! He made me want to do nothing but play my best for the sake of the music, he lives and breathes music and it’s essentially like oxygen to him. When I grow up I want to be like Benny Green. 


Thank you Benny from the bottom of my heart! With Love and Respect, Yoko.

Watch the video here:

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  1. SCOTT R MULLER says:

    AWESOME AS USUAL!!….. Yoko’s is so amazingly talented!!

  2. Yoko Miwa says:

    Thank you so much Scott! 🙂

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