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We Had a Fantastic Time at Our Debut at the Shalin Liu Performance Center

Thank you to everyone who came out to our debut performance at the Shalin Liu Performance Center last week!  It was a sold out performance, and who doesn’t love a standing ovation? The facility and location are both absolutely gorgeous.  Our performance started just around sunset which made for a stunning backdrop for our music.…
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Our Regular Boston Residencies: Ryles and Les Zygomates

With all of the excitement of the Boston Phoenix win, recording and releasing a new CD, touring in Japan, and playing at the Shalin Liu Performance Center this evening, you may have missed that we have two regular residencies in Boston to check us out. On the second and fourth Sundays on the month, we…
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Jazz Festivals Are Everywhere for the Next Two Weeks

Summer is always a big music festival season, and the jazz festival giants (like Montreal and New Orleans) kick the season off in June.  Now that summer’s winding down a bit, it seems like there are jazz festivals going on in every region.  Here are just a few of the events going on in the…
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