Recording at WGBH Today

Recording at WGBH Today

As you’re reading this, the Yoko Miwa Trio is at WGBH recording in their studio. We’re so happy to be there again and to share our music with their audience.

We’ve been pretty busy lately. If you follow our Facebook page, you saw a few shots from a documentary video that Yoko is participating in. The Yoko Miwa Trio also took part in Berklee College of Music’s piano faculty concert this spring. Here’s a video from that performance of “Mox Nix”:

What else is keeping us busy? Asking our friends, family, and fans to vote just one more time for us in the Boston Phoenix contest. Tomorrow is the last day to vote. We would love to get the vote of every single Facebook fan and blog reader to finish out the contest for Best Jazz Act. Click here to vote. It take just a few seconds. We were first runner up last year, so we know our fans’ votes can bring us a win this year. Thanks to all who have voted!

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