So many chances to see Yoko this month! (In both MA and CT)

So many chances to see Yoko this month! (In both MA and CT)


[Photo: Caroline Alden]

[Photo: Caroline Alden]

You’ve listened to the podcast, you’ve heard the records, now it’s time to see Yoko play in person. You’re in luck! June is chock-full (what does that mean, anyway?) of chances to hear her play live.

p.s. — “chock-full” comes from the Middle English chokkefull, probably from “choken” (to choke) + “full”

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  1. John T. says:


    Any thoughts on Ornette Coleman’s passing?

  2. Yoko Miwa says:

    It is sad John, so many greats are passing. I’m so glad to see Ornette’s passing has gotten the attention it deserves though, he was and will continue to be one of the most important musicians of the modern era. I never got to meet Ornette but I did see his band “Prime Time” once and I know several people who played with him. They have very interesting stories about advice Ornette gave them and just his general views on music. I guess he would say things that you would have to figure out what it meant for yourself, the resounding thing I always hear is it took them years to fully understand what those things meant. I remember from my early Berklee days in a class with the great teacher Ed Tomasi… Ed said,”Ornette…was he rooted?”, a student hesitated then said, “Yes.”, Ed said, “You’re damn right he was rooted”!

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