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Yoko Is Live In Portsmouth NH On Jan. 27!

The Yoko Miwa Trio travels to the Press Room in beautiful Portsmouth, NH, on Jan. 27 for a 6 p.m. show. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW.

From the Press Room website:

For more than four decades, The Press Room has been your spot for an afternoon pint and a bite to eat, a night out with friends, and your live music fix.

We know it’s been a long wait. We’ve spent a year repairing, renovating, and making improvements—while staying true to the spirit of the place—to ensure we can create memories here for decades to come.

But the most important part of The Press Room isn’t the space itself. It’s the people that keep coming back, to share a drink or take the stage. It’s the community of musicians and artists, performers and listeners, who’ve made this the place we know and love.

We’re excited to reopen our doors, tap the kegs, fill the rooms, and turn up the music.

Sounds like a great place to hear live music. To all our New Hampshire fans: See you there!


  1. So glad the torch has been relitHope to perform there again soon and also return as an avid fan!Best of luck to you all

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