PHOTOS: The Yoko Miwa Trio On Martha’s Vineyard

PHOTOS: The Yoko Miwa Trio On Martha’s Vineyard


A message from Yoko: “Just back from our performance in Martha’s Vineyard and still reeling from the experience! Thank you to the amazing sold-out audience that packed the room and showed us so much LOVE as well as the overflow audience who watched and listened to the concert streaming outside. I think we might need a bigger venue next time 🙂 Thank you so much to Pathways ARTS for making this happen; what an amazing organization with beautiful individuals and it was a wonderful way to honor founder Dr. Marianne Goldberg. Thank you to David Stanwood for providing his amazing personal piano with his patented Stanwood action! Thank you to The Martha’s Vineyard Times & The Vineyard Gazette for the press! Thank you to Martin Hanley for all the grass roots networking; you are truly a gem! Last but not least thanks to our incredible host Jason Danielson for boarding us in your stellar beach house complete with a bowl of the best tomatoes I’ve ever had, not to mention giving us the authentic Martha’s Vineyard experience hiking a trail to a private beach! The reception and royal treatment we received on the island was heartwarming and overwhelming, Martha’s Vineyard is truly a special place on this planet that I can’t wait to return to!”

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