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Yoko’s album Act Naturally is now available on iTunes!

“Act Naturally was originally released in Japan in 2012 on the JVC Victor Entertainment label,” Yoko said. “Since then I’ve been importing copies of the CD myself from Japan and selling it at my live shows. This was the only way to get it in the US up until now. I’m happy to announce that…
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The Yoko Miwa Show #004: A Master And An Apprentice

Yoko talks more about her apprenticeship with musician and educator Minoru Ozone, and also about being thrown into the musical deep end as a teacher and accompanist.

Yoko (not that one) Miwa (not that one, either)

[Editor’s Note: This is a goofy blog post. – Jason] You all know Yoko Miwa. But I want to tell you about another Yoko and another Miwa. Let’s start with the Yoko. You know her already: If you don’t know much about contemporary art or the avant garde, your entire exposure to Yoko Ono may…
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