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So many chances to see Yoko this month! (In both MA and CT)

You’ve listened to the podcast, you’ve heard the records, now it’s time to see Yoko play in person. You’re in luck! June is chock-full (what does that mean, anyway?) of chances to hear her play live. June 13: Yoko Miwa Trio at Les Zygomates June 14: Yoko Miwa Trio at Ryles Jazz Club June 20:…
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Taking a look at “Inner Glimpse”

Hi folks. Jason Crane here again. I was perusing Yoko’s videos and I came across her performance of “Inner Glimpse.” Before I say any more about this tune, let’s hear an excerpt of one of Yoko’s performances of it: I was fairly sure “Inner Glimpse” was written by someone other than Yoko, but I wasn’t…
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The Yoko Miwa Show #003: Take This Home And Learn It

  On this episode, Yoko talks about her first real jazz teacher, famed pianist and organist Minoru Ozone.

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